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“To my dearest friend Clint, It has been and will continue to be, such a pleasure to be fitted year after year for a tuxedo. From award shows to special events, I always know that I will be in the public eye looking like I just spent a fortune on the latest in formal wear fashion. If they only knew. Not only do you have the most current and classic styles always available in my ever changing sizes, they are consistently delivered with a smile and some humor. Mostly good humor, occasionally not so good. But I don’t blame you for that. You are a haberdasher, not a stand up comic.
You and I have been doing business since 1986. Can you believe it? Damn near 30 years. Here’s to wishing you another 30 years of continued and well deserved success. — Much love and respect, Peter M. Margolis.”

-Peter M. Margolis, Margolis Productions

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